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Deborah, Cemantha and Tony defend their Undergraduate Honors Research Projects!

Congratulations to Hund lab undergraduates Deborah Hong, Cemantha Lane and Tony Satroplus, who successfully defended their Senior Honors Research Theses this month.  Deborah, Cemantha and Tony will all graduate this Spring with a degree in Biomedical Engineering and Honors Research Distinction.  All three students were awarded OSU Undergraduate Research Office Research Scholar Awards.  Their thesis titles and other honors are provided below. 

Deborah Hong - "Localization of STAT3 to the nucleus in fibroblasts via bIV-spectrin."

Cemantha Lane - "The role of CaMKII-dependent augmented INa,L in arrhythmias during acute beta-adrenergic stimulation."

Tony Satroplus - "Using optical mapping to study CaMKII role in ischemia/reperfusion injury."